Noah and Emma are Jacob's older brother and sister and are Fraternal twins. They are the official "Kid Power" who sworn to save and protect all children from injustice from adults or kids that are bullying and terrorizing other children. Their pen names are "The Fearless O'Toole" (Noah) and "The Intrepid Shapiro" (Emma). Emma and Noah only let Jacob join them when they have a job that they don't want to do or they know he can do it. Emma is nicer and smarter than Noah when it comes to Jacob. Noah is always pulling pranks on Jacob, gets him blamed for things he didn't do and tries to embarrass him time and time, only for Jacob to eventually get even with Noah and pull a prank back at him. Emma and Noah are always playing together and saving people. Sometimes they get into fights like in Quibbling Siblings but they always make up in the end. They often act selfish, as seen in one of the episodes when they purposely did not leave maple syrup that on the table for Jacob. Even though Noah may act like a jerk to his younger brother, he and his sister, Emma, are good people deep down inside and they do love Jacob and would never get him in actual trouble or put him in mortal danger.