Puzzling Portable

This girl is very rarely shown in Ms.Sourpickle's classroom.

Unnamed Brown Girl is a cameo character and 4th grade student at Dreary Meadows. She is rarely in Ms.Sour Pickle's 4th grade class.


The girl has Asian eyes with large black eyebrows and light brown tan skin. She has a black headband in her hair. She has straight brown hair straight hair up to her shoulders. She wears a violet T shirt with pink overalls. In "Persistent Assistant." She wears a light blue skateboard helmet and her skateboard is light blue with orange wheels.

Episode Appearances Edit


"Staff Room of Doom" First appearance is walking to the school

"Unlickable Cowlick" First full appearance is in the auditorium, Classroom, Mr Moleculars' room and In the group picture with a blouse dress.

"Scholars for Dollars" She is seen in the hallway pleased for Jacob when he passed Ms. Sour Pickle's quiz.

"Colossal Candy Challenge" Same walking animation to sell candy bars; not seen again.

"The Ghost" Back pain from the new textbooks along with the rest of the students (Except Jacob later on)


"Doubtful Double Agent" hating the stink bomb smell.

"Fun Fair Fiasco" Appears with the Lanky 5th grader and with another kid learning about Jacob's Predicto Magic, and is later in the lunchroom surprised of the outcomes.

"Pet Peeve" Goes to the field trip along with the rest of the studentd. She suffers from Pukey Peterson's most colossal puke ever and takes a huge inhale before entering the bus.

"Potato Powered Project" Appears as a potato in Jacob's hallucination making him scream his lungs out.

"Renee's Rival" Disgusted at Miss Clenchbottom's Portrait.


"Surprise Disguise" In the bookstore watching Jacob perform the "Glacier Rescue Jump"

"After School Abattoir" Screams after "School Lock down" has started.

"Simian Switcheroo" Laughs at Jacob after he gets stuck the girl's bathroom by Buford, In the gym with her gym uniform, In both School bus scenes, In the gym again being invited to a classmate's Pool Party, in the classroom and 2 girls lookalikes of her watching the cirque.

"Troublesome Twosome" Drinks hot chocolate and appears in Miss Sourpickle's nasty truth of Y.B Greedyguts' Cheery Meadows.

"Pirated Pastry" in the Auditorium for Greedyguts' birthday.


"Crumbling Cookie Catastrophe." Eats deserts with an Orange haired boy (Who later gets squished by Wilson), she gasps when she sees Auntie Goodforyou and hearing about her "Good for you" cookies, When Quigley love the cookies that Jacob secretly mixed, The girl says "I'll pay double." and buys the cookies off screen.

"Cranial Classroom Caper" gets tuned into brainwashed Zombie slave by Miss Sweetiepie. She also gets manipulated by Greedyguts.

"Valentine's Day disaster" In the classroom in February 13th, Sleeping in Mr. Moleculus's room and hangs out with Lloyd during recess.

"Puzzling Portable" In the classroom when a boy says "He ate the liver special last week, remember?" and later on in the same classroom again.

"Wooden Nickel Knuckleheads" One small appearance in the waiting line for the trip to Quebec City, unknown reaction to Jacob. And later, she appears in Jacob's limousine daydream.


"Persistent Assistant" Seen many times cheering for Buford. Sometime after the beginning of the episode, she gets ran over by Buford.

"Rose Colored Calamity" In the auditorium with many reactions, forced to clean the floors (Offfscreen, but teams with Jacob into keeping their wills to keep Principal Greedyguts our of the banquet for another year) And her final appearance in the classroom when Leo Louse becomes student.

Quotes Edit

She has very few to almost no speaking roles. In season 2 and 4 she sound almost a tween girl. But in Persistent Assistant she nearly has a little girl voice.

"Open the window!" Pet Peeve

"(inhales deeply)" Pet Peeve

"(Gasps)" Crumbling Cookie Catastrophe.

"I'll pay double!" Crumbling Cookie Catastrophe.

"AAAAH!" Persistent Assistant

"That was amazing!" Persistent Assistant

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