Y.B Greedyguts is Principal Greedyguts twin brother who looks EXACTLY like him and has the same voice. He is portrayed as a nice, caring gentle person who invites Dreary Medows' students and staff to his "school" "Cheery Meadows". Everyone went but Jacob, Buford, and Renee because Principal Greedyguts kept holding them back, and losing to the school's team in a hockey game. But Y.B's personality in reality is revealed after Miss Sour Pickle was the only one to escape his clutches. She reveals to Jacob, Buford and Renee that Y.B is devilish, sadistic and cruel. His "school" is a filthy power plant where the students and staff are trapped and forced to generate electricity that he sells for unfair profits. The teachers never get coffee breaks, and Miss Sour Pickle says that the school and slave labor is an "Endless Nightmare". After Jacob, Buford and Renee's victory against Y.B's Cheery Meadows minions, it is hinted that the students and staff are freed.